Equipment Database

The following are the minimum specified columns for tracking equipment and are found in most quality systems (as specified by ISO/IEC 17025):

Field Name Description
Asset Number The unique identifier of this asset (typically the number from a capital asset tag).
Brief Description Short description of the asset (e.g. Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz to 1 GHz)
Manufacturer What company made this asset.
Model Model number or part number.
Serial Number Serial number provided by the manufacturer
Calibration Requirement Typically one of "calibrate", "do not calibrate", "verify before use". Others are allowed.
Calibration Instructions Short description of calibration requirements (parameters, standards, etc.).
Last Cal Date the asset was last calibrated.
Next Cal Date the asset will need to be calibrated next (this is also the date the Last Cal expires).
Department Name the department the asset is used by. It is acceptable to say "all" or "none" if appropriate.
Location Which lab, city, building is the asset located. If the laboratory consists of a single location, enter the city name.

Additionally, the following columns can also be uploaded if the information is available. It is acceptable for these columns to not exist or to be blank.

Field Name Description
Category If it is convenient for your laboratory to categorize equipment types, then enter the types in this column.
Full Description a verbose description of the asset that may include a detailed description of use, list of options, or other information needed for a better understanding of this asset.

If a spreadsheet is provided with the list of existing equipment containing any or all of the above columns, OpenTestLab may be able to bulk upload directly to the Hosted ISO/IEC 17025 Quality Site.